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  2014 Satellite Map of Turneffe including Marine Reserve Zones
  2011 Maps showing various usages of Turneffe Atoll
  2014 Mapping of Turneffe's Lobster Trapping Fishery


   2014 Satellite Photo of Turneffe Atoll
                                                             produced by Mike Beltz


The following maps, produced by Turneffe Atoll Trust in 2011, display the various uses of Turneffe Atoll. They were developed through extensive consultation with pertinent parties including commercial fishermen, dive guides and long-term fishing guides.
Back Reef Flats
Commercial Fishing - Conch
Commercial Fishing - Lobster
Dive Sites
Dredging Areas
Commercial Fishing Camps
Major Patch Corals
Manatee Sightings
Sport Fishing - Bonefish
Sport Fishing - Permit
Sport Fishing - Tarpon
Tourism Develpment
Turneffe Crocodiles


          Sample Usage Map

In February, 2014, the World Wildlife Fund funded a detailed analysis of Turneffe's Lobster Trapping Fishery. This detailed analysis was done by Dale Fairweather and George Myvett and included all but one of Turneffe's fish camps. The Link below provides a detailed look at this fishery.  

Turneffe Atoll Lobster Trapping Tenure Survey