The Bertarelli Foundation is the primary supporter of the Turneffe Atoll Marine Reserve.

The Bertarelli Foundation's provides global leadership in promoting marine conservation. Its belief is that if we are to use the sea as a source of food and recreation, then it is also our responsibility to ensure its future is safeguarded.  The Bertarelli Family are particularly conscious of this fact, having spent much of their lives on the water, inheriting their love of sailing from Fabio Bertarelli. They have seen first-hand the decline of marine environments globally as a result of unsustainable fishing and irresponsible tourism.

That is why they are committed to changing perceptions and behaviour and why the Foundation, working with the British Government, helped to create the largest no-take Marine Protected Area (MPA) in the world, in the Indian Ocean. The Foundation, working with the Belizean Government, has also helped to create a second reserve centred on the Turneffe Atoll, the Caribbean’s largest and most biologically diverse atoll.

The Foundation is also working with leading marine scientists from across the world to better understand the protection afforded by MPAs and the wider health of our oceans. This research will be critical in driving forward the debate and in securing further action.