A relatively healthy fringe reef establishes the outer perimeter of the Turneffe Atoll.   Along the Eastern and Northern sides of the atoll, their is a well-formed reef crest with extensive backreef flats. On the Western side of the atoll the top of the reef is mostly below the surface beginning at sea level and extending to depths of around 60 feet.

In addition to the Atoll's fringe reef, several areas at areas at Turneffe are endowed with extensive patch corals.  The most prominent areas of patch coral are in the Northern part of the atoll between Mauger Caye and Vincent's Lagoon; however, patch corals are found throughout the atoll.

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Large Brain Coral Starlet Coral Staghorn Coral
 Mountainous Star Coral Elkhorn Coral  Saucer Coral 

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Sea Rod  Fan Coral  Corky Sea Fingers