Good communications, on many levels, are needed to effective operate a quality Marine Reserve.

TASA's Communication Objectives 

  1. To raise awareness at a local, national and international level about the establishment of Turneffe Atoll Marine Reserve, and the role of TASA as its co-manager. 
  2. To continually communicate with the Turneffe Community about the activities of the Marine Reserve.
  3. To ensure that TAMR stakeholders feel that they are being well-represented by the Reserve.
  4. To ensure that TAMR users are aware of key matters related to TAMR including Reserve zones, regulations and penalties.
  5. To see that stakeholders understand the underlying reasons for the rules and regulations of TAMR.
  6. To develop recognition for TAMR through branding, education and messaging for visitors.
  7. To foster a "Turneffe Atoll Marine Reserve Communityā€¯.
  8. To evaluate internal communications looking at possibilities for improvement.  
  9. To discourage unsustainable development at TAMR through education about the benefits of approaching development sustainability and the detriments of destructive development.  This should focus on the common needs of commercial fishing and Eco-tourism and their need to work together.
  10. To promote Turneffe Atoll as a premiere location for marine research.
  11. To promote Turneffe Atoll Marine Reserve as a model for sustainable tourism.
  12. To support the development of a sustainable fisheries market.